• The viewpoint at Nesika is called Bickel’s point for an early Trails Club President. It is where Waespe’s wall was later built.
  • The first building built on Trails Club  land was a tool shed.
  • The first Trails Club  cabin was atop Larch Mountain.
  • Mr. Bickel built his own small cabin where the Franklin Ridge trail heads up from Nesika.
  • Tyee was built in one season from snowmelt to snow fall with a work trip every weekend. One woman cooked for every weekend.
  • The first building built there was a tool shed/cook house.
  • The pencils sold to fund the Larch Mountain trail were blue.
  • The name Trail Blazer did not appear for many years, but long before the basketball team.
  • Tyee lodge was early called Nanitch.  The Club voted down the motion to build it at the first meeting.

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