Tyee Lodge

Tyee Lodge is our “Home on Mt. Hood”. The lodge is situated on Forest Service land near Government Camp, 60 miles from Portland. It is close to Summit Ski Area and the Alpine Ski Trail. Other ski areas are readily accessible. The terrain surrounding the lodge has a gentle slope, making it an attractive area for beginning skiers and snowshoers. The lodge serves as overnight headquarters for many hikers and snowshoers using the area.

Facilities include a full kitchen, large dining area, lots of fireplace seating, drying room, and winter equipment storage. Sleeping accommodations for 22 women and 22 men are provided in bunk style dormitories.

In the winter Tyee is reached by a short quarter-mile trail starting at a point four-tenths of a mile up the Timberline Road. In summer the lodge is reached by driving about one mile up the West Leg Road.

Tyee Lodge was officially dedicated on September 28, 1952, with the kitchen and dining room addition being built in 1958. Most of the work was done by club members. A minor remodel was done in the 1970’s to get the lodge to meet health and safety requirements. The basement shower was added at this time. The shake roof was replaced with a metal roof in 2004.