Schedules by activity:

Gentle Reminders

For activities such as bicycle, kayak, and x-c skiing check with the leaders for the difficulty level of the activity.
Good equipment for the specific activity is required for all events.
For hikes and showshoe activities:
Class A – Shorter, less strenuous activity, typically 4 to 8 miles, less than 1500 feet elevation gain.
Class B – Moderate to difficult, typically 6 to 12 miles, up to 3000 feet of elevation gain.
Class C – Long and difficult, strong experienced participants only, typically over 8 miles, over 3000 feet of elevation gain. Boots are recommended for B/C hikes.
Note: Harsh or unusual conditions may greatly increase the exertion and skill required. Be prepared for the level of activity you are planning to take. Contact the leader if you have any questions about the trip and to let him or her know that you will be attending.
Bring plenty of water and a sack lunch. Please, no alcohol. Remember to bring your Ten Essentials
Pets allowed on designated trips only.
Everybody should stay with the group and follow the leader. The leader is responsible for the group’s safety. The leader determines which route is taken. The leader has authority to determine if a participant is prepared for the activity. Group safety must come first.
Be prepared to pay a small fee of $2 for Guests, $1 for Members for day activities.
Please contribute to any carpooling expenses at the suggested rate of $.15 per mile. With multiple riders the driver can collect up to $.30 per mile split among all the riders.
If you have reserved for an activity at a lodge that involves food expense and are unable to participate you are obligated to do one of the following: cancel before the food is purchased, find someone to take your place, or pay for your share of the food.
All activities must be approved by the appropriate activity Coordinator or the Trips Trustee.

Trails Club Of Oregon – Cold Weather Guideline For Trips

It is your personal responsibility to be aware of your surroundings, especially in the winter. Weather conditions can change quickly, no matter how short your tour is or how close you are to home. Be prepared for changes every time you venture out. In the snow there are certain hazards you need to be able to recognize such as creek crossings, avalanche conditions, and tree or rock wells. The rewards are worth the effort: watching snow glisten on trees and mountaintops, enjoying the brisk air on an icy day, being proudly warm and dry on a rainy, windy day. Winter is a great time to be outdoors! Here are ways to be ready for anything Mother Nature brings our way.

Please see the Cold Weather Guideline For Trips for information about preparing for winter trips

Meeting Places

The meeting place name is a link to a map and driving directions on MapQuest.

Gateway Park & Ride
From I-205 take the Glisan Street exit, proceed east to 99th Ave, turn north, proceed a couple of blocks and park in the park and ride garage. Meet at the SE corner of the structure (near the stairs) on the sidewalk (directly inside if it is raining).

From I-84, take I-205 and follow the above exit and instruction.

Wallace Park is the usual meeting place for Forest Park and city hikes. Meet at Wallace Park on NW Raleigh St. between NW 25th and NW 26th Ave. Parking is usually not a problem on Raleigh. Tri Met bus service on routes 15, 17 and 77 is near by.

Friendly House is the new meeting place for Forest Park and city hikes. Meet in front of Friendly House (2617 NW Savier St) on NW 26th between Savier and Thurman. Parking is usually not a problem. Tri Met bus service on routes 15, 17 and 77 is near by.

Target is a common west side meeting place for hikes. Exit US 26 at NW 185th Ave and drive south to Evergreen Pkwy turn east (left) one block to NW Town Center Dr., Park and meet on the west side of Target’s parking lot across from Starbucks Coffee. Tri Met bus service on routes 47, 52 and 89 is near by.

Rose Villa is a common place for club meetings.
Adventures and Travels meets in the Rec Hall, Fireside Room.
To Get There: From River Road, turn west at a yellow blinking light, onto Courtney Rd. Then turn right on the very next street, which is Schroeder Ave. Park on Schroeder Ave. There usually are many parking places. Do not block the garages. Bring a flash light as it can be dark.
The entrance to the Recreation Hall is next to a row of multiple garage buildings, which are on the East side of Schroeder Ave. On the right side of the row of garage’s there is a walkway, then a ramp with a metal railing, walk down the ramp. (Follow the signs to ”Treasure House”) Map of Rose Villa follow route C or B to the Recreation Hall

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12401 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
Portland, OR 97219
503 636-1853

Please use the following format:
Month Day (Day of week) Event Title – Class A,B,C
Description Text – Please include distance, elevation change, and round trip driving distance.
Do not capitalize full words, lines or sentences for emphasis
Day trip descriptions should be under 100 words.
Depart: Meeting place, with address if possible, and departure time
Leader: Name Phone and/or email.

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