This page has been pretty neglected for a while. The conservation committee wants to keep it a bit more current. If you would like to help the conservation committee contact the chair Candace Bonner

What Can You Do for Our Gorge?
May 9, 2018
The Eagle Creek Fire occurred in the Columbia River Gorge over six months ago. The Forest Service has reported that of the 49,000 acres that burned, only 15% were severely damaged, and 55 % had “little to no fire impact”. Nevertheless many of our favorite trails will be closed for this summer and some longer. Our own Nesika Lodge was severely damaged, and will require much time and money to restore.

There are a number of organizations taking on various roles to help with Gorge recovery efforts. The Gorge Trails Recovery Team was formed in September 2017 and consists of four organizations, Trailkeepers of Oregon, Pacific Crest Trail Association, Washington Trails Association and Friends of the Columbia Gorge. So what can you do?

First and foremost, you can help with the work to restore our own Nesika Lodge. A schedule for the Nesika work parties, led by Glen Conrad, can be found via the This Lodges link.

If you would like to help restore Gorge trails, and can work one day or many days, connect with Trailkeepers of Oregon (TKO.) Their website, spells out training opportunities as well as work teams and specific schedules. TKO has offered to have a training session for TCO members only, to train our members to lead TCO trail restoration workdays.
Please email the conservation committee at if you are interested in participating in a TKO training for TCO members only.
The Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) also offers training and work party schedules.

The Washington Trails Association has similar opportunities and their website is

The Friends of the Columbia Gorge are focusing on removal of invasive plants and planting native seeds.

Your energy and work can help restore our own beautiful Nesika, and can help to restore Gorge trails and access, and accelerate the recovery of this most special place, The Columbia River Gorge!

Candace Bonner
Conservation committee chair