Nesika update 10/6/2017

Glenn Conrad made it into into Nesika Thursday with a USFS crew to inspect and get the lodge winterized. Here is what we now know.
As we surmised from the news videos, the fire came right through the site. Most of the trees from the point to the lodge are burned and will need to be removed. We lost all the outbuildings (dorms, woodshed, toolshed, outhouses) except the generator building. However it got hot enough to deform the PVC conduit on the inside of the generator building. The state of the generator is unknown, but it was not totaled.
The main lodge is mostly intact. The roof appears to be water tight if a bit heat damaged. There are several cracked windows, but they are double pane and cracked only on the outer layer, so the windows are still weather tight.

The water system is mostly intact. The spring box and cover were not damaged, the main valve box is mostly undamaged, and the pump and lower tank are undamaged. The upper tank was described as a “blob of plastic”.
There is fire damage all along the road from before the green gate down, but all the bridges are undamaged. The crew was able to drive AVT’s to the parking lot. No serious slides yet, but we expect there to be some by spring due to the fire damage.
Plans for restoration have already started. Glenn Conrad has been appointed the chair of a Nesika Restoration committee which will focus planning critical repairs and cleanup.

We have lost both dorms and most of the equipment we have been using to operate Nesika. We know we will have to replace equipment (tractor, trailers, tools), and we will have some key facilities (water, sanitary, power) repairs to do so we have started fundraising to offset the costs.

Raya Budrevich


Trails Trustee

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